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California 'Tank' Makes Great Stride With Toys Sarasota Herald-Tribune newspaper article about Smith Engineering - 28th September 1980
Boca Raton News Boca Raton local newspaper article about Smith Engineering - 4th January 1981
Milton Bradley Acquires G.C.E Arcade Express - 12th September 1982
Vectrekking! One of the first reviews of the Vectrex in a magazine? Electronic Fun with computers and games - November 82
First look - The Vectrex Arcade System Byte - 12th December 1982
News Release Rogers & Associates Public Relations Marketing Communications News Release announcing release of the Vectrex - 6th June 1982
Amusement Arcadia Personal Computer World - August 1983
Star Trek Videogames Videogaming Illustrated - June 83
"An auto-racing game you can really lap up" The Milwaukee Journal newspaper article - Review of Pole Position - 3rd March 1984
Vectrex advert circa 1984 Old advert for Vectrex circa 1984 (post video game crash)
Silica Shop flyerAn eight page scan of a Silica Shop flyer specifically for the Vectrex
VectrexMad! AutoFire DongleInterview with VectrexMad! about the autofire dongle, Video Game Trader Magazine, Issue #19, October/November 2009